Kindergartens is the place where the mental development of a child takes place.
We aim to contribute in your child's better future, with lots of fun and interesting activities for them!
Pre Schools
Want your child to have the best pre-school learning for strong foundation? We offer best learning programmes!
Pre School
A safe, creative and fun environment to foster your child's creativity, self-expression & motivation.
360 Degree Learning
Students have the opportunity to engage in whole groups, small groups as well as individual pursuits.
Extra-Curricular Activities
Kids get a platform to engage in activities such as reading, writing & discussion that helps them explore new skills.
About Us
We Tiny Wings Play School, situated at Sundarapuram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu focus on building a strong foundation for learning and developing the young minds. Providing high quality education - right from the preschool -is or goal and commitment. While learning comes naturally to children with simpler teaching methods. We facilitate and build on this natural learning ability.We take ourselves as the initiative to give something back to society.
Our Mission
To make the school a HAPPY place,  where  learning is actually  enjoyable  activity.
 We believe that knowledge is a lifelong gift, which must be awarded to  every child, unique or special . Each child can be guided at his or her own pace in an environment which demonstrates love, patience and acceptance. We seek a strong foundation for y(our) children.

Why Us
Safe Equipment
We provide a full set of high quality open ended equipments that are child friendly and attractive to look at. They are colourful, easy to handle and safe for children to play with. They help to develop their skills in the most delightful manner.
Experienced Teachers
To constantly observe and guide the children, we have highly qualified and experienced set of care givers. Their dedication, commitment and great love for children leaves a mark on every child and makes this a well-loved place.
Hone Skills
We also conduct several activities wherein the children get to shape their newly developing skills such as cooperating, understanding, compassion and care for them as well as for those that are around them. Join us today!   
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